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Grants & Scholarships

Scholarships at Friedrich Gulda School of Music NEW

Previously, students could only apply for a scholarship at the beginning of their studies. To make scholarships more accessible and to recognize exceptional performance during the course of study, the scholarship system at the Friedrich Gulda School of Music has been redesigned. Annually, a limited number of partial scholarships for artistic excellence are awarded.

Key changes


  • All students at the Friedrich Gulda School of Music are eligible to apply for a scholarship starting from their second semester. This means a first application can be made in the second semester for the scholarship to be applied to the tuition fee from the third semester. Students in higher semesters are also eligible to apply.

  • Applications can be submitted in higher semesters, depending on performance development

Duration and Renewal:

  • The scholarship is valid for one academic year.
  • It is possible to apply for an extension or reapply for a new scholarship

Scholarship Coverage:

  • The scholarships cover 50%, 25%, or 10% of the tuition fees for one year, as covered by the Friedrich Gulda School of Music.

Selection Criteria

The selection is made by a scholarship committee based on:

  • Past and anticipated performance development.
  • A minimum GPA of 1.5 in the major field of study (zkF) and a minimum GPA of 2 in all other subjects.
  • Submission of a B1 German language certificate.

No Legal Entitlement:

  • There is no legal entitlement to a scholarship, and the number of scholarships available each year is limited.

Performance Criteria

  • The scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria by the scholarship committee.

Performance Recordings:

  • Audio and/or video recordings with 2-3 significant musical performances (phone recordings are acceptable). Composers must submit appropriate work samples (scores, videos, work and concept descriptions, portfolio, etc.).

Academic Performance:

  • A minimum GPA of 1.5 in the major field of study.

  • A minimum GPA of 2 in all other subjects.

  • Required SWS points: For diploma studies: at least 10 SWS/semester.

    For advanced studies applications: 8-10 SWS/semester.

    For applications from the 2nd semester of preparatory studies: 9-12 SWS in total (the scholarship will be awarded if the student passes the transfer exam).

Language Proficiency:

  • Proven German language skills at the B1 level.

Additional Requirements:

  • Motivation letter.
  • Proof of academic progress.
  • Completed application form.

Submission Deadlines

  • May 15th (for the following winter semester).
  • December 15th (for the following summer semester).

Submit a motivation letter and a completed and signed application form, downloadable here: Scholarship Application Form. Send the documents as a zip file named "LastName_Scholarship_Gulda" to Incomplete applications will not be considered.

IMPORTANT! Due to the transition phase of our scholarship system, we are granting an extended deadline until July 12, 2024, for this submission period.

Existing Scholarship Agreements

Current scholarship holders will continue under their existing agreements with the same deadlines.


  • I am in my fourth semester at Gulda, can I still apply for a scholarship?

    • Yes, all students at Gulda can apply from their second semester onwards.
  • I am in my first semester of a diploma program after completing the preparatory program. Can I apply for a scholarship?

    • Yes, the total semesters at Gulda are considered. If you are in your first semester of the diploma program and have completed the preparatory program, it counts as three semesters in total.
  • When will I be informed if I received the scholarship?

    • After receiving all applications, they will be reviewed by the committee. Applicants will be notified within approximately one month.

Friedrich Gulda School of Music Scholarship ALT

During the admission examination, the appointed examination committee decides whether the candidate can also be recommended for a scholarship. The examination committee evaluates based on the submitted documents and an outstanding musical performance in the admission examination. Depending on the committee's decision, scholarships can cover 10%, 25%, or 50% of the tuition fee. With very good academic performance, the scholarship holder can apply annually for a renewal of the scholarship. This application must be submitted in writing and on time.

The deadline for renewal is always May 15th for the winter semester and December 15th for the summer semester of the respective academic year. Incomplete or late applications cannot be considered. There is no entitlement to a scholarship.

Scholarships for JAM MUSIC LAB employees and alumni are awarded by committee upon application and cover 25% of the current tuition fee.

Submission deadlines:

May 15 (for the following winter semester)

December 15 (for the following summer semester)

The application documents for the renewal application must be sent by email as a ZIP file to: Please name the sent ZIP file as follows: <LastName_Scholarship_FGSM>

You can download the application form here DOWNLOAD Application for Renewal

External Funding and Assistance

Students at the Friedrich Gulda School of Music can also apply for financial support. Visit for more information.

Austrian citizens and those from the EEA who work in Austria (even part-time) or have working parents in Austria are eligible. Non-EEA citizens must have permanent residence status in Austria to qualify; otherwise, they should check for funding opportunities in their home countries.


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