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Mobility Within the ERASMUS+ Programme

The Erasmus programme offers since 1987 students from all over Europe the option of spending several months studying abroad. The Erasmus programme also allows teachers to share their knowledge, skills and experience in an international setting and to extend their professional networks by teaching abroad. Erasmus+ supports and finances international academic exchange among learners and teachers. Erasmus+ promotes the personal and academic development of students, teachers and other university staff and thus increases their career opportunities.

The Friedrich Gulda School of Music Wien (formerly International Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna - AMP) supports the objectives set out by European educational agendas, which include the internationalization of offered courses, the constant qualitative improvement of higher education, as well as the focus on employability of graduates through cooperation with non-educational institutions.

Gulda School received an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in 2017 and again, in 2021, and is therefore entitled to participate in the various activities of the ERASMUS + Programme.

The Friedrich Gulda School of Music Wien is an autonomous music conservatory for jazz and popular music, as well as for music theatre and classical music. It is devoted exclusively to these areas of style and was founded with the aim of offering a music education that is of an high-quality and practically oriented. Gulda School specialises in equipping students and graduates with the necessary training, skills and know-how needed in the current professional reality. At the heart of all of this are the students who, together with their teachers, continue to advance and promote artistic developments.

The curriculum focuses on teaching and research in the advancement and appreciation of the arts, music education and music production.

International cooperations and institutionally supported artistic projects – many with creating public awareness – support the students' successful career start.  These cooperations and projects also accompany studies as part of vocational orientation, as well as targeted preparation for the challenges of the competitive music market. In this context, the conservatory benefits from the internationally successful activities of its faculty members in the art and media scenes.

In addition, opportunities in interdisciplinary collaboration arise through interaction and cooperation with local companies in the fields of music, performing arts and other creative arts.

Within a constantly changing and evolving music world, we are guided by the model of a communicative and interdisciplinary music education in which artistic practice, theory and research are experienced and lived as an entity.  The conservatory´s ethos is: a fundamental openness and interest in everything new.

Individuality, internationality and innovation accompany the cooperation between students and teachers as central guiding values. This creates the necessary open environment for fostering high-quality and contemporary development of artistic practice and related theoretical skills, and evenly important - interpersonal skills.

We welcome individual and cultural diversity among our students and teachers and value these qualities as general foundations for originality and advancement in art, society, business and science.

We share the conviction that engaging with music as a form of art and communication and maintaining appropriate practices in teaching and research represent highly relevant potentials for our society.

Partners in this process are institutions that share our catalog of values. Our declared goal is to successively expand our network of partner institutions, both within Europe and internationally.

Mobility within the ERASMUS + Programme

Students have the option of a study abroad (1 to 2 semesters) and an internship (at least 2 months). GSM employees can participate in Erasmus + funded training/educational courses. Lecturers have the opportunity to teach abroad for several days.
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Gulda School values diversity and welcomes students and teachers from abroad. We are looking forward to meeting you! Info for Incoming Students
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Further information on the ERASMUS + programme can be found on the website of the Austrian National Agency.

Erasmus at the conservatory “Friedrich Gulda School of Music Wien”:
PIC: 884652320
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027
Erasmus+ Policy Statement
OID: E10042193
National ID Code: A WIEN77
Legal Name: Friedrich Gulda School of Music Wien
Acronym: GSM


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