Thomas Mora

Bass (Jazz & Popular Music)/ Composition and Music Theory (Jazz & Popular Music)


  • Accordion at Music School Csery
  • Private lessons in E-bass with Harald Putz
  • Studied E-Bass with Prof Hansen, Jazz Department, Conservatory of the City of Vienna

Work Experience

A born Viennese, Thomas Mora has been working in the Austrian and German music scenes since 1991. Georg Danzer, Ulli Bäer, Hansi Lang, Andreas Gabalier, Gerd Steinbäcker, Christian Kolonowits, Ayman, Louie Austen, Die Trenkwalder, Nadine Bailer, Tombeck, Günther "MO" Mokesch and Brunner & Brunner; These are some of many names who have booked Thomas Mora as a live and/or studio musician in his career thus far. When he is not playing bass in a live setting, he can be found in the recording studio. He was part of the production for "Starmania" seasons 1 and 2 as a cast member, arranger and bassist for Thomas Rabitsch in his Studio. For the 3rd and 4th seasons, as well as for the 1st season of the show “Helden von Morgen”, he worked as an independent producer. Even for various other releases (Louie Austen, Ramon, Tombeck, Sperrer!, Chris Schaller, Leelah Sky) he is credited as a producer.

He has also composed music for commercials (Die Ganze Woche, Wienerwald “Hendi Welt”), film (Tatort, RTL) and documentaries (ARTE, 3sat).


As a bassist and/or producer:

  • Georg Danzer: Grosse Dinge, 13 Schmutzige Lieder, Sonne Mond & Sterne
  • Radio Wien Summer hit “Sunset by the Sea” by Tha Family (2016)
  • Leelah Sky
  • Gerd Steinbäcker - “Bilder an der Wand” (2010)
  • Alexandra Caro - “Diary” (2011)
  • Ayman: Nicht nur Worte
  • Die Väter - “Schlaf Gut”
  • Eichhorn - “Paradies”
  • Starmania Allstars: Tomorrows Heroes
  • various Starmania releases
  • Sperrer! - Christian Sperrer
  • Welcome to the Slowclub
  • Ramon: The Chillin’ Sessions
  • Louie Austen: Dreams are my Reality, Brazil (2007)
  • The Power Pipes (2008)
  • Jam Zer0 (2009)
  • The Slowclub: A little bit faster (2008)
  • Das Beste & Duette - Starmania Season 4 (2009)
  • TomBeck “MeiHerz brennt” (2009)
  • Ramon: “Touring” (2009)
  • The Freemensingers “Easy Rider” (2009)
  • The Freemensingers “On the Radio” (2011)
  • Nadine Bailer “You are the sun” (2011)
  • Ramon “Orbiter” (2012)
  • TomBeck “Freude” (2012)
  • Andreas Gabalier “Go for Gold” (2012)
  • John Dellroy - “A new life has begun” (2013)
  • Andreas Gabalier “Home Sweet Home” (2013)
  • Brunner & Brunner: Goldtour Live (2002)
  • Die Trenkwalder: Cafe Toscana
  • Nik P.: Briefe an den Mond

Soundtrack composition, production:

  • Tatort: “Absolute Diskretion” (1999)
  • “Die Nichte und der Tod” (RTL-ORF Thriller) (2000)
  • Menschenbilder “Die neuen Alten” (2000)
  • “Black Startlets” – ARTE Fussball Documentation (2005)
  • “Butterkinder” (2007)
  • “Ich schaffe es” three-part 3sat Series (2009)
  • “Am Ende des Tages” - Direction: Peter Payer (2012)
  • Composer of the Radio Wien summer hit “Sunset by the Sea” from Tha Family

Teaching & Research

  • Teacher at the HTL Schellinggasse
  • Private student since 1991
  • 92/93 Substituted lessons at the Music School Penzing
  • Lecturer in Bass, Sound Technology, Computer and Bandleading at Vienna Conservatory for since 2013