Christian Mühlbacher

Composition and Music Theory (Jazz & Popular Music)


  • Music University Vienna: Drums and Composition

Work Experience 

  • JAM MUSIC LAB - Conservatory for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna, since 2011
  • University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Jazz theory and arrangement, since 1998 
  • Anton Bruckner Private University Linz
  • Gustav Mahler Conservatory Vienna
  • Prayner Conservatory Vienna

Concerts & Performances

  • Founder of the bigband "Nouvelle Cuisine" (together with Christoph Cech)
  • Co-founder and member of the ensembles "Go 4 it", "5.4.xx" and "Diphtongs"
  • Composer, musician and artistic director for the brass ensemble "Pro Brass"
  • Compositions for various ensemblest: Klangforum Wien, Ensemble "die reihe" Vienna, Mozarteum-Orchestra Salzburg, Wiener Posaunenquartett, "Bösze Salonorchester", "Janus Ensemble" and numerous others
  • Composer for various film soundtracks and theatre productions
  • Performances with Django Bates, Elliott Sharp, Gerald Preinfalk, Werner Dafeldecker and many more
  • Awards: Kompositionsworkshop der Austro Mechana with the Vienna Art Orchestra (1984), Bigband- Composition Competition of the City Leibnitz (1994) (with Holman, Brookmeyer, Pomeroy), Composition Competition of Klagenfurt/Viktring (1995), Sparkassenpreis (1998) / Wien Modern, IGNM Promotion Award for New Music, Government Funding for Composers (1998), Erste Bank Award (1998)


  • Nouvelle Cuisine, Mühlbachers USW, Pro Brass, Max Nagl & Conrad Schrenk, Sigi Maron, Ronnie Urini and various others