Annett Thoms

Voice (Jazz & Popular Music)


  • 1992 - University of Music and Dance Cologne
  • 1988-1991 - Studies of jazz and popular singing and music pedagogy in Weimar
  • 1986-1988 - Jazz with Rolf Haerting Dresdner Musik-Hochschule


  • 1992-1999 various workshops on music business and band coaching
  • 1999 - Music business and management with Fritz Rauh (Germany)
  • 1996 - Interpretation and emotionalizing and speech phrasing of lyrics with Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, USA)
  • 1994 - Vocal technique with Griff Stevens (Russia, USA)
  • 1980 - General vocal training, Gaby (Müller-) Albrecht, Magdeburg District Music School

Teaching and research activities

  • Since September 2013 Vocalcoach of "The Su'sis", Nikolaj Efendi, Wendi Gessner (Band WENDEPUNKT)
  • Since February 2011 Vienna - vocal and acting teacher at JAM MUSIC LAB and AMP
  • 2008 discovered the Viennese Band "Kaiser Franz Josef" and coached them in Voice, Band and Business
  • 2000 Annett Thoms developed a new voice training method for non-classical singing and called it One-Voice-Technique (OVT). The main feature of this functional voice training is the renunciation of dividing the singing voice into several registers or voices, such as chest voice and head voice.
  • 1998 Foundation of the music agency FAT PUSH in Berlin - music business and management
  • 1997-2001 Berlin - piano, singing and acting teacher (also children and teenagers) at the music and art school Sebele
  • 1994-97 Cologne - vocal teacher at the vocal school for jazz and popular music Hoffmann
  • Since 2000 until today private singing-methodology
  • Since 1995 until today private singing lessons
  • Since 1992 until today private singing lessons

Concerts & Performances

  • 2010 Band "Stringulatur", Vienna - until today
  • 2002 Band "El Fisher", Vienna
  • 1997 Band "Bats in the Head", Berlin
  • 1991 Band "Bats in the Belfry", Cologne
  • 1986 Band "Flagolett", Berlin
  • 1983 Band "Courage", Magdeburg
  • Musical work with:
  • USA: Buddy Miles, Griff Stevens, Storm (Kevin Chalfant), Nicolas Tremulis, Germany: Thomas Schütze (UKW)


  • 2019 Stringulatur live in concert / Vienna Austria / Video
  • 2017 BETTER SO/ Stringulatur/ Vienna Austria/ Label: LILI Records
  • 1999 Sampler United Forces / Mannheim Germany / Label: GOODLIFE
  • 1999 HEADROOM/ Bats in the Head/ Berlin Germany/ Label: GOODLIFE
  • 1997 EVIL/ Bats in the Belfry/ Double Album/ Vienna Austria/ Label: GOODLIFE
  • 1996 :hardcore/ Bats in the Belfry/ Chicago U.S.A./ Label: GOODLIFE
  • 1995 BATS IN THE BELRFY/ Bats in the Belfry/ Cologne Germany/ Label: EDEL RECORDS