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Workshop: YOTAM ISHAY - Bridging “Classical Music” and “Jazz Music”

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Fr, November 10, 2023 | 11:00

Gasometer B, Guglgasse 8
1110 Vienna

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On the 10th of November Grammy-nominated pianist and composer Yotam Ishay comes to JAM MUSIC LAB University for a workshop at Spielraum, Gasometer. 

Focusing on the topic "Bridging Classical Music and Jazz Music" he will discuss: 

-How can we transform our Classical music repertoire and performance approach towards other musical genres? What are the obstacles we are about to face towards this engagement? How can we bring ourselves to the ability to collaborate with any musician?

- Using Classical textures in Jazz pieces

- Using “Jazz” ideas in Classical pieces

Exploring Rhythmic Ideas

- Writing and improvising in odd meters

Playing by Ear - A Gateway To Improvisation

- transposing phrases

- transposing pieces

- transpose by listening, avoiding calculation

Horizontal & Vertical Harmony

- progressing harmonically - in installments

- creating hues instead of contrasted colors

- influence of groove & grid on the harmonic tempo

- expansion & contraction of harmonic tempo


Yotam Ishay 

Yotam Ishay is a Grammy-nominated, Brooklyn-based Israeli pianist & composer. Yotam grew up in Afula, a small town in Israel. His first experience with music was at age five when a song by Naomi Shemer was played in class. He felt a mystical, pleasant sensation as the trumpets in the song were playing mediant 3rds (which he had no idea about). Since then, he has been in constant forage of these harmonic feelings and communicating these musical emotions to others.

Yotam began formal classical piano lessons before his 10th birthday. From his first steps, he started experimenting with composition while listening to CDs of music by Claude Debussy, who later became one of his deepest influences. His first mentor was Gideon Hazor, who mentored him at the pastoral Jezreel Valley Center for the Arts for six years. With Hazor’s advice, he added Jazz piano lessons to his studies, which greatly influenced him musically.

photo credit: Hannah Rose