Mitsuo Hashimoto

Trumpet (Classical Music)

Artistic & Pedagogical Education

  • Concert trumpet at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Teaching Experience 

  • 1989-2015 L.M.S Vöcklabruck
  • Since 2019 JAM Music Lab University
  • Students from Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, USA, China, Taiwan, Japan

Concerts und Performances 

Orchestra Trumpeter

  • 1975-1989 1st trumpeter Stadttheater St.Pölten. Altogether 2600 performances
  • In the "Sternstunde" he performs with the Burgkammerschuspieler Bruno Thost and the Musiksommer Schallaburg with Kammersänger Heinz Holecek "Die Geschichte vom Soldaten" by Igor Stravinsky

As soloist: with orchestra

  • Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Voronegh Lenin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra

With organ

  • Salzburg Festival with Bernhard Gfrerer.
  • Public concert and clinic in Osaka Japan.
  • Vienna Festival with Ruth Spitzenberger.
  • Dreikönigskirche Dresden with Johannes Gerdas.
  • "Light into the Darkness" Live ORF with Domingo.Pope Johanes Paul ll.

Prizes & Awards

  • Golden Decoration of Merit of the Republic of Austria